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About Us

LAVENT is the result of our never ending pursuit of healthy, glowing skin. As skin problems are not alien to us, we truly understand the bliss of attaining smooth and well hydrated skin. With the tremendous devotion in finding the ultimate skin problem solution, we gathered that not everyone is compatible with commercial on-the-shelf products. 


In formulating Lavent, we took a glance towards nature and gathered only the best Mother Earth could offer. Our products are made from the safest of ingredients, attentively produced from the best of organic ingredients to suit your needs. Lavent products are also safe to use, as they are the fresh from our very own biosphere. Worry not, quality is our priority. 


All our high-quality ingredients are lab-tested, and we personally experience every product beforehand as we know how important every product is to you.


We are firm believers that every individual is unique, and that you don't have to blend with the crowd when you can choose to be special. Here at LAVENT, we can customise your needs as per your wants. Specially, uniquely made for you. A diamond in the rough, just like you!


Prefer something more basic?


Then explore our carefully curated product line. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service for any inquiries. We will help you as best as we could. At Lavent, we treat you special, just how our products are.


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